Expired domains are those domains which the owner has forgotten
to renew.

These domains have pagerank as well as pages indexed in Google.

So why do expired domains rank fast and high in Google?

Well such domains are trusted by Google and so they rank quickly
compared to a newly registered domain.

And these sites are immune to the google sandbox and more resistant
to getting de-indexed

....even when you are hammering them with relatively low quality

Most people go to a registrar, buy a new domain and then spend months
trying to rank it.

You, on the other hand, could have a site ranking on page 1 in Google
quick and fast.

How? You ask...

You simply buy a quality expired domain...
throw a few hundred diversified backlinks at it...

And BAM it'll get on page #1 at Google in a matter of weeks...

This proves that Google doesnt give a rat’s ass
about exact match domains and it shows
that expired domains are powerful weapons!

How do I know its an expired domain? Well just start up any backlink
monitoring software like ahrefs or rank tracker and check out the
anchor text of the links that point to the sites I showed you, in the
examples above.

You'll notice that most of the backlinks are with anchor text unrelated to
the product that he's reviewed on the blog.

This is a dead giveaway that its an expired domain thats been
converted into a money site.

But Wait! before you start rushing off to buy an expired domain,
be warned that not all domains are created equal

"Yes repeat after me... All domains are not created equal"

I know that seems kinda crazy, but I learnt this the hard way and
wasted quite a bit of money on such sites way back in 2006.

At that time i found out that page rank can be faked with a
301 redirect.

Nothing new about that in 2012, Yeah I know that most people these
days know that page rank can be faked...

But do you know this.. a site with legit page rank can still be
totally worthless if
..... its "DEINDEXED"

That means its been deindexed and is worthless.

Most Expired domain tools check for fake page rank.

But do they check if the site is deindexed? NO

Shocked? Dont be...

Heres some more shocking info...

You could have 2 sites, both showing the same page rank, and
SEO juice wise they would be poles apart.

Why is that?

Well because page rank being a rated on a logarithmic scale,
one site can be a "low PR4" and the other be a "high PR4"

A layman wont be able to find out which domain is more valuable
amongst the two.

But if you can check the "domain authority" and "page authority"
"mozrank" scores for that domain from seomoz, you can find this out.

Most people think that if one site has more backlinks than the other
and both have the same page rank, the site with more backlinks will
rank higher, right?


The backlinks have to come from different IP addresses.

Google counts a link from each IP as a vote.

So if your site has 100 backlinks from one IP and my site has 50 backlinks
from 50 different IP's my site wins with a royal flush and you only have
a high card ;)

Domain drops is one factor that only knowledgeable SEO
professionals check
before they decide to buy a site.

As you know if the owner of a domain doesnt renew his domain on time,
its status is set to expired.

This is the period after which we as expired domain hunters, pick these up.

If a site is not picked up in this time period, then domain's status will be
changed to a redemption period and its whois info will begin to drop.

A rule of thumb is that if a domain has been dropped more
than twice in the past, you dont buy it.

As you can see there are so many things you have to check out
before you invest your hard earned money in an expired domain,
and doing this by hand will take you 3 minutes per domain.

Would you waste half an hour to research 10 domains?
I sure wouldn't

Expired Domain Gold